BUY A KIT — $49

We are a group of designers on a mission to democratize the art of tattooing, and we've spent years designing and testing the world's best stick and poke tattoo kit. The kit features:

  • Ultra-premium products.
  • Custom 3D-printed needle grip.
  • Illustrated step-by-step instructions.
  • Sterile products for safe tattooing.
  • Three needles: bold, medium, fine.
  • Custom tattoo flash (tattoo designs).
  • Free shipping to the USA.

Full kit contents:

  • Instructions - illustrated step-by-step.
  • Stencil paper - transferring designs to skin.
  • Stencil solution - transfer solution.
  • Handpoke Handpiece - custom needle grip.
  • 3x sterile needles - fine, medium, bold.
  • 1x sterile ink packet - mom's black ink.
  • 1x sterile ink cup - wrapped ink cup.
  • 1x sterile nitrile gloves (pair) - Go sterile.
  • 1x sterile alcohol towelette - for skin prep.
  • 1x sterile A+D ointment - for lubrication.
  • 1x sterile moist towelette - for wiping ink.
  • 1x sterile prep shaving razor - for skin prep.
  • 1x sterile Saniderm bandage - cut to size.
  • 1x sterile antibiotic ointment - aftercare.
  • 2x medical tray — for setup and tattooing.
  • 1x medical drape — for setup and tattooing.